Hi everyone,

Following on from my previous post, this challenge was to make a set of 3 stacking measuring cups for cooking purposes, in one, half and quarter cup sizes.  I also incorporated a small spout on each.  I already had a set of rubbery, plastic measuring cups which I must admit I use a lot as many of my cookery books use cup measurements rather than metric or imperial.

I threw a few sets of 3 bowls using the terracotta clay, and then realised I would need to etch into the inside of each bowl a marker or line to show the size, but first I needed to find a way of getting that measurement.  So I filled up my existing measuring cups with rice and then poured the rice from each into the relevant clay pot marking the level appropriately – I really didn’t think that one through very well, as the inside of each pot was still soft and a considerable number of grains of rice then stuck to the pot!  I spent a long time after that with a pair of tweezers removing rice from the clay (lesson learned).

The insides of each bowl were then coated in white slip,

fired, clear glazed and fired again.

I have also made a couple of sets in stoneware clay….

Happy baking!

bye for now