Here at Hoogaly, we’re delighted to have been invited by Yvonne to guest blog on her wonderful website, Sage Ceramics. We just love her creations, don’t you? They’re so homely!

So, I bet you’re wondering what Hoogaly is, right?

Well we’re all about homeliness – helping you take the stresses and strains out of juggling everyday life, feel relaxed and allow yourself some ‘me’ time. You see, we’re about making you feel happy, feel comfy, feel cosy and feel better and have specially selected products to help you do just that – you can find them on our online store. We’ve even asked Yvonne to create some gorgeous mugs for us.

But it’s a funny old time, isn’t it? We’re staying at home, staying safe – and playing our part in saving lives and protecting the NHS. And let’s face it, we who can stay home and weather the storm in our little nests are very fortunate.

Our Hoogaly family is certainly grateful to our health heroes and key workers. And we’re all about enjoying restful times at home, but the honest truth is that our family isn’t immune to feeling fed up during these strange times.

So what are we doing to keep our spirits up and stop ourselves from getting bored?

We love crafts!

Well the first thing to know is that we love crafts! It is a major part of allowing ourselves that essential ‘me’ time. Our Hoogaly mum Gill, loves to spend time crafting and pretty much having a go at the latest creative trend.

And whilst working with clay definitely isn’t our forte (we’ll leave that to Yvonne!), we have plenty of suggestions for ways you can get crafty to keep your spirits up and your mind occupied.

Crochet & Knitting
Grab the yarn, some knitting needles or a crochet hook and get making. You could try knitting a scarf or crocheting a little amigurumi character. There are plenty of blogs, youtube videos and books out there to teach you how to do it. And when you’ve completed your project, imagine how proud you’ll be? We love to give creations away as gifts – they’re so personal and make us extra happy!


Get the kids involved with this and be creative together – it’s fun and slightly messy! Afterall kids love messy play!
You don’t need to be a Mary Berry to have a go. It’s surprising how much fun it can be – and of course, the kids can always lick the bowl! Yum yum!
Pick a recipe together, then get prepping and baking. Not only will you have gorgeous aromas in your home, the kids will be proud of their creativity too.

Watch Shows
If you’re not in the mood for making, or don’t feel you have the creativity, you can still enjoy crafts. There are plenty of programmes which celebrate crafts, from Bake Off to Pottery Throw Down and the Sewing Bee. We love to spend an evening on the sofa watching these programmes and seeing how the experts use their creativity – there’s always something new and different to see.

Happiness and wellbeing is such a huge part of why we do what we do, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about how we embrace crafts.

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