Well here we are 4 years on from my last blog post……..where has that time gone!?  Anyway, I’m still potting in my little garden studio and still loving the work I do.  There have been a few changes in the studio, the main one being that I no longer use terracotta clay –  I just found it got EVERYWHERE and every time I used it I had to completely clean down the wheel, all the tools and work surfaces not leaving a speck of it about or I’d find my white earthenware and stoneware pieces would have a nice orange mark on them….not what you want.  I may return to it one day as it works so well with slip work, but for the moment its relegated to the “no list”.

I’ve continued to attend various craft fairs, art shows and events, and have added in some new ones in the last couple of years; its always good to get out of the studio and meet other artists and of course my lovely customers.   I’ll pop a list of upcoming events at the end of this blog.

Regarding stockists, I still produce a range of Scandi inspired pieces which are stocked on-line at http://@hyggestyle.co.uk   Lots of hearts, Dala horses, viking ships, and gnomes and the very popular ‘Vinter’ range depicting a little snowy cottage in the mountains. (see below)

I now make handle-less mugs for use at the lovely cafe at http://@springgardensnursery.uk  and I also make some for sale in the farm shop there.  Fittleworth Village Stores in Fittleworth also stock a selection of my ceramics.

I’m also delighted to say I was approached a couple of years ago to be part of Artisan at the Barn ( http://@artisanatthebarn.co.uk )  which is a beautifully curated collection of local artists work brought together by the lovely Denya Dessena (herself a talented silversmith, check out her work at http://@upsidedowntreestudio.com).  Artisan at the Barn are housed in two shops, one in the old barn at Pulborough Garden Centre, West Sussex, and the other which is actually Artisan at Lombard Street at 5 Lombard Street, Petworth, West Sussex.  Both shops are well worth a visit.

So, finally, here are a couple of March dates for your diary:-

8th-12th March – I’m taking part in an on-line fair through http://@love.handmade.community  on Instagram.

30th March – I shall be at The Shoreham Centre in Shoreham, West Sussex for http://campsite.to/paperdaisyevents  Easter Makers Fair.

Thank you for reading, and I shall be back again with more news soon.

take care, Yvonne x